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Born in March 2016, Tancendes Co., Ltd. is a diversified enterprise group integrating international trade, international logistics, and e-commerce. The group is headquartered in the China (Shanghai) Pilot free trade zone.

After years of active development, the group set up branches in North America and Latin America, the development of regional business in the Americas, operating goods from 3C electronics, electric vehicles, auto parts, home appliances to imported flowers and coffee.

Relying on accumulated rich trade resources over the years, professional management and technology advantages, the company continues to explore new patterns in the field of global trade to meet people's expectations for a better life.

Enterprise Honor

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Vice President member of China Association of Agricultural Products Circulation Agents.


Executive member of ASEAN Agricultural Association of China.


Executive member of Shanghai cross-border e-commerce Association.


Excellent cross-border e-commerce supply chain enterprise

We’re committed to success & genuine provider of all types of commercial services

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